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I was able to dance my heart out at my best friends wedding. Best DJ I’ve ever been in the presence of!

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Wedding music is essential to the magic of the moment. The perfect day usually includes elegant background music as guests arrive, sound that everyone can hear throughout the space when toasts are being made, and of course, beautiful dance music to celebrate the day. That’s why I offer wedding packages that include a consultation in-person (or digitally) to evaluate your needs and create the perfect, personalized playlist.

Wedding DJ Music Secrets

A good wedding DJ does more than merely mix the music. He showcases the bride. He reads the room and brings out the celebration from upbeat tempos to memorable love songs to fun and games with interactive music. But there are typically three songs that he can’t afford miss: the father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance and, of course, the wedding music that showcases the couple’s first official appearance as Mr. and Mrs.

Wedding DJ Packages

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Live Band at your Wedding? We have all the gear to get great sound from your live musicians, singers, or other performers—all professionally mixed on the spot. We can even audio record special performances for your wedding memory keepsakes. Ask for details.

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If you actually want your wedding to be a party hire a DJ. If you want an amazing DJ hire Mark! You will not be disappointed.
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