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Product highlights:

Rack-mount 16-channel Digital Mixer:

  • 16 XLR microphone inputs 
  • Midas-designed programmable microphone preamps 
  • 6 TRS 1/4" and 2 RCA auxiliary inputs 
  • 8 XLR analog outputs (outputs 7-8 are main stereo outputs) 
  • 6 TRS 1/4" and 2 RCA auxiliary outputs 
  • auxiliary inputs and outputs are assignable and can serve as channel inserts 

Channel Strip Digital Processing for all Channels:

  • mic preamp gain, phantom power, phase switch, tunable low-cut filter 
  • noise gate/ducker, compressor/expander 
  • 4-band parametric equalizer 
  • bus send controls and panning 
  • 8 effects slots 
  • over 40 effects available (including reverbs, compressors, EQs, delays, and modulators) 
  • can store and recall over 100 scenes (whole mixer settings) and 100 snippets (partial settings) 
  • Auto-Mix on ch 1-8: ducks non-prioritized channels when prioritized mic active 

Studio and Network Connections:

  • 16-channel digital interface via USB 2.0 with DAW remote control 
  • Ethernet port for connecting a PC or wireless router 
  • wireless iPad and iPhone control via free apps 
  • digital snake ready 
  • front USB connection for data transfer and 2-track recording 
  • MIDI connection 
  • Ultranet connection for a Behringer P-16 personal monitoring system 
  • connection to an optional Behringer S-16 digital snake adds 16 inputs and 8 outputs to the mixer 
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