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Rent from $125.99

Product highlights:

4-channel mixer

  • Four-deck DJ controller with 4-channel mixer
  • Independent EQ and high-pass/low-pass filters for each channel
  • Layout specifically designed for use with Serato DJ software
  • Eight multi-color rubber velocity-sensitive pads on each deck for controlling hot cues, rolls, slices, and samples
  • Serato Flip function to record and play back hot cue sequences
  • Needle Search ribbon strips for intuitively seeking through a track
  • Adjustable crossfader shape to distinguish your sound
  • Can be used as a standalone mixer for use with turntables, etc.
  • High-quality effects developed by iZotope

Special features

  • Two RCA CD inputs, two RCA line/phone inputs, one XLR-1/4″ microphone input, one 1/4″ microphone input
  • One RCA master out, one XLR master out, one 1/4″ booth out, one 1/4″ headphone monitor out, and one 1/8″ mini-plug headphone monitor out
  • Built-in sound card
  • USB port
  • USB cable included (Please Specify Which USB Your Computer Uses)
  • Aluminum top plate with black finish
  • Power supply included
  • Must Provide Your Own Licensed Software For¬†Controller To Work
Total: $ ( days).
Return within days.


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