Music DJ and Professional Audio Services

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Wedding DJ

starting at $750

Wedding music is essential to the magic of the moment. The perfect day usually includes elegant background music as guests arrive, sound that everyone can hear throughout the space when toasts are being made, and of course, beautiful dance music to celebrate the day. That’s why my standard wedding package includes a consultation in-person (or by phone) to evaluate your needs and create the perfect, personalized playlist.

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Live music? I have all the gear to get great sound from your live musicians, singers, or other performers—all professionally mixed on the spot. I can even record special performances for your wedding memory keepsakes.

Standard Setup: 2 high-definition speakers, an easy-to-use mic, and professional mixing on-site. For an additional charge, add more speakers, more mics, DJ lights, accent lights and more.

Wedding DJ

Karaoke Party

starting at $699

There’s nothing quite like karaoke for connecting with friends, building confidence, and just plain having fun. Step up to the mic and channel your inner pop star as a live DJ helps you find the perfect music and professionally mixes your on-stage groove from the master soundboard. Perfect for large groups who need the ultimate ice-breaker or get-to-know-you event.

Standard Setup: Professional high-end vocal mic, a high-definition speaker, high-quality graphics monitor for lyrics, and your choice of more than 30,000 karaoke songs! For an additional charge, add more mics, speakers, lights, or party props.

Karaoke Party

Corporate Event/Party

starting at $2000

From business meetings to retreats to office parties, the sound and music are critical. That’s why I pay close attention to the audio, providing background music when guests arrive, motivational music to kickoff important moments, and clear, pure sound that everyone in the space can hear during awards and presentations.

Best Tech: Sennheiser® quality takes your presentation to the highest level via lightweight, wireless mics with a 250-ft. range and 5 hours of battery. State-of-the-art wireless transmitters capture sound from any laptop, smartphone, or other device—all with German-engineered technology that’s no bigger than your thumb and fully rechargeable via USB.

For parties with spouses and families, the “sound guy” becomes the “DJ”, mixing upbeat songs, fun and games with interactive party music, and, of course, all the favorites that make you get up and dance.

Standard Setup: 2 high-definition speakers, an easy-to-use, high-quality wireless lav/mic (5-hours, 250-feet), and a completely customizable playlist.

Corporate Event

DJ (Birthday Party, Quinceañera, Anniversary, etc.)

starting at $599

Parties are as unique as the people we celebrate. That’s why I take extra care to read the room and mix the right amount of music to include upbeat tunes in your choice of styles, fun games with interactive party music, slower songs for magic moments, and of course, all the favorites that make you get up and dance. Build your playlist in any style, from the golden songs of yesteryear to modern top of the pop charts, in Rock, Country, Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Indie—or whatever helps you get your groove on.

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Standard Setup: 2 speakers, a completely customizable playlist, and my promise to get the whole party moving to the music!

DJ Birthday Quinceañera

On-site Professional Recording

starting at $1500

When you want to capture your sound just perfectly, I’ll set up a studio-like environment at your home, office, or other location for the job. After the session, I’ll deliver top-quality audio files, ready for post production. For an additional fee, I can provide post production services to get your music ready for broadcast or publishing.

Standard Setup: All the mics, headphones, and monitors you’ll need, as well on-site mixing for the best-possible audio files, with separated tracks if desired.

Professional Recording

Live Performance (Theatre, Band etc.)

starting at $2500

Live performances rely on precision sound—and this is where my expert skills really shine. For bands, soloists, vocalists, poets, storytellers, or any on-stage performance, I’ll make sure the audience captures every detail and do my best to make sure you’ve never sounded better.

Standard Setup: professional-grade speakers and subwoofer for the audience, high-quality on-stage reference monitor, all the mics your performance needs, and on-site mixing moment by moment. For an additional fee, capture your performance digitally for later post-production.

Live Event