Charitable Giving

Giving back is what it’s all about. I couldn’t be more pleased to be involved with some of the best charities in Utah. From volunteering, to fund raising, to donations in kind, these organizations need your help. Read on to find out what you can do and how, together, we can not only give back, but end the cycle of poverty for future generations.

Circles USA

Everyone should have enough money, meaning, and friends to thrive.

We inspire and equip communities to reduce poverty by removing barriers that stand in the way. We communities cut their poverty rate by 10%. Studies have proven that 10% is a tipping point, and a 10% reduction is an achievable and measurable goal — and it’s enough of a change in each community to tip the scale toward a prosperous and strong nation.

Open Doors

Getting Better, Together

Open Doors empowers families and individuals to overcome abuse and poverty to attain self-reliance. At Open Doors, we’re aiming to shape communities to be free of poverty and abuse, eventually reaching full autonomy and rendering our services unneeded.